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Idk if anybody realizes but the world is getting to a certain boiling point: socially,economically, fucking physically as well. Like shits about to blow. Idk, it seems that way to me so…yeah Imma live as much as I can rn

2014 started out amazing and then somewhere at the end of March/ beginning of May it slowly started becoming one of my most emotional years ever. Idk what the rest of it brings but it’s been a roller coaster ride so far. However, growth is very often disguised as destruction and all that good stuff so BRING IT ON 2014! Bring it!

ecstatic to go home next week. My mom is like beach all the time and I’m like YEAHHHHHHHH! Family time to the fullest, not lifting a finger for anything and also HAITIAN FOOD… *drops mic*


Lemme just say this real quick. I have in the past months realize that anything you give another person is gift right duh! So why do we expect people to give something in return? If I love you, I don’t expect you to love me back (though it would be nice) because by definition a gift is something you give willingly and without payment. Moreover love, the greatest gift of all, should be given without any expectations. And when love is given in such a way, it is truly one of the greatest expressions of this universe. I’m teaching myself how to love this way, first off how to love myself, others and everything around me. This life is extraordinary man! Learning this one day at a time.

I possibly have the weirdest taste in music (not really). Like these are the last 11 songs my iTunes just played and I ain’t even mad:

I need love - Frank Ocean
Blue jeans - Lana del Rey
Ay Ay - Goldlink
Long way to go - Cassie
Fire - Jimi Hendrix
Come thru - Drake
Feel better - After the smoke
Can’t stop - Maroon 5
Cangote - Ceu
Karma police - Easy star all-star & Citizencope (radiodread)
Another one bites the dust - Queen